Карла гуджино фото


Карла Гуджино — фото — КиноПоиск
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карла гуджино фото
Carla Gugino
Carla Gugino
8. April ·

Hi Peeps! Nearly 8 in 10 #LGBTQ students experience verbal harassment in school. Such harassment silences youth, preventing them from thriving in school. On Friday, April 12, thousands of students will join the #DayofSilence, the largest student-led national protest in support of safe & inclusive schools, supported by @GLSEN. This silent video is in support of #DayofSilence - I challenge @malinakerman @zacharyquinto @then0t0ri0usvip to make their own silent video & donate $10 to @GLSEN at glsen.org/silence (link in bio) -- AND to challenge 3 more friends! ¦?¦?

Du hast scheinbar Probleme beim Abspielen dieses Videos. Versuche in dem Fall, deinen Browser neu zu starten.Schlie?enGepostet von Carla Gugino7.532 Aufrufe
Carla Gugino
6. April ·

Just saw @fleabagnyc WOAH. Brava and thank you #phoebewallerbridge for a truly inspired experience at the theater! @weakankle and I are even more excited for Season 2 of @bbcfleabag now????

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карла гуджино фото

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