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Today my girl opens @meangirlsbway She doesn’t like me to gush about her, but sorry girl, I get to today. I am baffled that someone I love (and who even loves me back) crafted the funniest performance I’ve ever seen. EverseenHer talent is astounding. Her work ethic challenges me to work harder and be better. Her friendship is kind and loyal. Break a leg tonight, Katie. Happy opening to the entire cast. And everyone go and see the show and you’ll get what I am talking about. ????#mynameisKaren

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Impromptu girls trips are what it’s all about. These two woman challenge and inspire and shower me with love. Thanks to @ritzcarlton for #lobstertacos that I will dream about forever. Thank you @interconbos and @emilyloftiss for hydrating my dead skin. ???+??+? Unforgettable Easter weekend. #rcmemories #interconbos #spaintercontinental #interontinentallife

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I took #saintpatricksday very seriously 9 years ago. Love my girls. Thanks for the oldie @amldance

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FOUND!!!! Social media is amazing!!!! Thank you @danielladahann And @nataliedahann My best friends have a piece of their hearts. @kellysullivanofficial & @ericmichaelroy and the whole family are forever grateful. Way to go @landonbeard for making the post. #dogfound #ohhappyday

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Today is my invisible best friends birthday. We call each other invisible best friends because the second I met Kel I not only felt like I’d known her my whole life, I felt certain that we’d played together as little kids. And I was homeschooled so... I made up a lot of friends. ?????+? I love and trust you implicitly @kellysullivanofficial I strive to be as fearless as you are everyday. Happy birthday. Thanks for eating chips with me. #godDancedthedayyouwereborn

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Ванесса Рэй в Instagram - фото

Marched with my Dad who told me that I deserved a fair shot at anything I wanted in life. He knew I was no different than my older brother but he was aware that there would be times in my life that I would have to fight harder to be heard. He and my mom taught me to #fightlikeagirl and I will never take that for granted. Be kind to each other and have courage out there. @justvaliptak #womensmarch #timesup : @jakewil

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I french braided my hair and it is important that I share it on instagram. I’m open to any tipssss ya got for me.

Ванесса Рэй в Instagram - фото
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Dear God, please help me to never lose perspective of what I learned in 2017. I’d very much like to have a rad 2018. #thisisourhouse #2018 p.s. this pic was taken on an #iPhoneSE ??

It is a helpless feeling to see images of the fires destroying my part time city that I love so dearly. Thank you to the @losangelesfiredepartment for risking your lives. If you are in the area please consider putting out buckets of water for the animals that have fled the hills. They are as scared as we are. Putting a link in my bio with ways to help, but here’s a quick one text UWVC to 41444 to donate to The United Way of Ventura County. Love love love.

Happy birthday @jakewil I? can’t quite put into words what your friendship means to me. I? just know that every time I? walk into a room that you’re in I will be taken care of, loved and protected. I breathe easy when we are together. You give me and all of those you love so much more than we could ever give back. Thanks for doing life with me. You will forever be a part of my “new image” and “brand.”

This post really convicted me. I? think and I pray profusely for those hurting and impacted by all of these acts of terror, but that is the bare minimum requirement to be good human. Action! That is what it’s all about. Love is a verb. Thank you @huffpostwomen for reminding of that today.

Yesterday was tough and our hearts are with and still breaking for those that we lost. I didn’t really feel like “celebrating” on such a dark day, but then I remembered, I’m a #newyorker we don’t spook or back down easily. So, throw on some denim, go out and play with people you love, and live that Britney bitch life! #heidiklumhalloween #britneyandjustin #halloweencostume #nyc

Before she was a mean girl and I was a cop, we baby sat the Mayor of New York City all in the name of Peace&Love. Thanks for the memories, friendships and dreams coming true HAIR. #happy50thanniversary #hairbroadway #onceinthetribe

Sending love and prayers to my Orlando friends and family and all affected by #irma There are wonderful organizations to donate to. Both on a large and small scale. Do some research and consider donating what you can. #habitatforhumanity #redcross #oxfam #globalgiving #volunteerflorida

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